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Posted on September 26, 2014  in Lottery


People often want to win big prizes and a lottery casino apps, is one such game where it gives a chance to people to play and win big. The lottery money which is collected by the organizers is given to the winners and the part of the money which is left is used for administering the whole lottery event. After all the exclusions, the money which is left with the organizers is their profit which they make for organizing the lottery. These lotteries are very popular amongst masses and are highly legal in most of the countries.

There are few countries where lotto europe is organized by the government and they have been granted the rights by the public as well. Countries like United States organize lottery on a very large scale. They have established a monopoly for themselves that no private companies or institutions will organize lottery. All the commercial lotteries are banned in USA. They do not want to face competition in the market when lottery is organized. These governments use the profits made by these lotteries to fund the programs that are sponsored by them. There are many government aided health programs, schools and fund raising events which are done for the improvement of the society. Since 2008, lotteries are operating in forty-two states of USA and Columbia. People can purchase the tickets legally and any adult can purchase the ticket even if they do not reside in that particular state.

History of Lottery

There are many ancient documents and manuscripts as to where from lottery first originated. The documents state that it was first started in Europe around fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and since, then it has been going on. They first came in USA in early sixteenth century and initially they were organized by the king to raise funds for charity and for public buildings. After this initiation, lotteries were used by private and public organizations from time to time in order to raise money for wars, schools, underprivileged, public buildings, towns and health facilities.

This site was initially conducted by kings the government officials in order to build finance constructions and sometimes to pay for war equipment’s as well. There was lottery conducted for buildings and rebuilding old structures that were a threat to public. There were many states that also passed a rule for not playing lottery as they devised that people were using this money for their own selfish means.