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Free Scratch Cards

Posted on April 17, 2014  in Scratch Cards


Scratch cards have been the best pastime activity for people across the world. After their invention, people started going to local shop or state-lottery booth for buying scratch cards. After buying scratchies, you can scratch the card and claim winnings instantly. If the winning scratch cards are big then the possibility of claiming the prize instantly is not possible.

Players must send their winning scratch card tickets to the state-lottery office or any private company that issued ticket to claim the prize. So the winners of top prizes can claim their winnings in fixed installments over a period of time or chose a less valued prized that is instant. This is the main reason why online Casino revolution affected different businesses by moving operations to online, have great impact on players playing scratch cards in multiple ways that made scratchies rewarding and fun.

The first and vital change is instant accessibility of scratch cards online that are available to players from anywhere through internet connected computer or mobile phone. Also, ease of access affects winning process of cash and prizes, to claim instantly. This is due to the fact that web has eliminated middleman and players can buy games instantly from the comfort of offices and homes.

Now, playing and winning take place on scratch card websites so winnings will be credited to player’s account instantly and can be withdrawn easily. The next great benefit regarding instant winning games is creation of free scratch cards that are available for players on top gaming sites.